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The team

Tania Misra
Tania Misra, Founder
Having spent her early years in India, Tania studied and worked in the US for 8 years, until thedesire to be closer to family and in warmer climate, drove her to move to Singapore. Since shewas a little girl, she was always highly inclined towards art and music which translated into herpursuing architecture and urban design as a career. In her work as an architect, she experimented with various materials in order to find those thatwere versatile enough to suit her varying design projects. Her search ended with her introductionto air - dried modelling clay and subsequently marked the birth of Tania Clay Studio.As the CEO and Marketing Director, Tania Misra is responsible for overall Company BrandBuilding,Media, Business Development and Sales and does most of her work out of Singapore Studio.
Bonnie Misra, Designer, Director for Operations, India
As a child, Bonnie displayed her passion for designing by hand crafting dolls and figurines throughembroidery using mirrors, beads and various natural materials. To pursue her artistic interests and complement her innate talent with technical expertise, she joined the year-long acceleratedprogram in Textile Design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi,India. She then went on to do a four year course in Fine Arts at South Delhi Polytechnic, NewDelhi, India, which allowed her to have a better understanding of various artistic media and theirapplications. Bonnie Misra is responsible for operations at Tania Clay Studio, comprising of Design, Productionand Quality Control and is based out of Delhi.
Minal Rath, Creative Director
Having graduated from The Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, Minal's passion for design,art, photography and travelling led her to training in the Art Department of a large Indian FilmProduction House. Ever since, she has gone on to design Television Commercials for several leading Indian andInternational brands and been part of the design team of many Indian and Hollywood FilmProductions. Her assignments as a Production Designer combine her artistic and technicalsensibilities, while allowing her to continue exploring her many interests. As the Creative Director of Tania Clay Studio, Minal's experience makes her contribution tocreative decisions involving Design and Promotional activities, as well as Marketing, Sales andCustomer Relations, invaluable to the Studio.

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